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  2. FOR HONOR Come one and all to a battle between those that strike fear into the hearts of men and make kings kneel before them, also known as Battle of the Gladiators which will be hosted by MYTHIC. The tournament that will be held will be showing 2v2s and 1v1s just to give some variety to the viewers. For those that are daring and brave enough to enter, you can enter through MYTHIC’s discord through the '#forhonor' chat in the discord (link to the discord will be at the bottom). The prize pool is currently being determined but the guaranteed prize is a $50 Steam gift card; the team that wins in the brawls tournament will EACH receive a $50 Steam gift card. The exact date has not been set in stone yet but we are projecting to it sometime this month, October. There is no entrance fee and no payments necessary to compete so take your shot in MYTHIC’s Battle of the Gladiators tournament. General Rules This tournament will be PC exclusive. We are planning to host for a console exclusive tournament in the future so stay tuned This is a professional tournament meaning, no toxicity. We encourage good sportsmanship and conduct so please refrain bad mouthing or emote spamming other contestants The tournament will be using a bracket system in which contestants will randomly be placed against each other The tournament will hold constellation matches for those who have failed in combat and offer a chance at redemption but the ultimate winner of the tournament will be whoever wins the final match regardless of how many defeats or victories that individual or team possess A contestant can kill his opponent by any means necessary, therefore, if it's in the game its part of the fight; this can include environmental kills, spamming the same move, etc. All matches will consist of 3 matches, best of 5 so whoever takes the majority of the wins will take the win and carry on 1v1 Rules This category is very straightforward and simple; kill your opponent and climb the ladder Again, please refrain from any toxicity, for example, emote spamming or bad mouthing; this tournament will be held to a professional standard If it is part of the game it can be used thus meaning, when we say slay your opponent by any means necessary we mean by any means necessary e.x environmental kills, move to spam etc. Constellation matches will be held and the same rule applies; a contestant can redeem himself and the final winner is whoever kills who regardless of win or loss count Winner earns the guaranteed $50 Steam gift card and potentially more A contestant that loses two games in a row will be dropped from the tournament 2v2 Rules Also, this category is very straightforward boasting similar rules Again, please refrain from any toxicity e.x emote spamming and bad mouthing Constellation matches will be held and the same rule applies; a team can redeem themselves and the final winning team is determined by whoever kills the other first A team that loses twice in a row will be dropped from the tournament
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    Mod Suggestion

    I also figured these would be good mods to look at: Pippi: Immersive NPC Loot System: Rare Weaponry: Weapon and Shield Bundle:
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    Mod Suggestion

    Since we are discussing mods on Discord I was thinking these may be a good ones The Mortal Realms: Drag Thralls through water: LTS Compass Icon: Make Star Metal Great Again: Improved Material Production:
  5. MYTHIC: The Nagarrothi (Dark Elves) - Faction Lore/Passive Rules Dark Elf Lore In an age long passed, when the great world in the sky was whole and flush with life, the Moon Elves, called Val’hir, prospered within the balance of the Elven Trinity. For they brought with them the wonders of the evening sky and the deep magic entwined within the stars beyond. The veil of night was not fraught with terror in those days, but cradled in the gentle light of the moon goddess. While other elf-kind rested into the embrace of night, the Val’hir walked among the woods and tended to the blooms and beasts of the evening court. To have seen a Val’hir in those days was to set eyes upon a dark beauty that tantalized the senses and filled heart’s desire. For while the other elven races boasted a beauty of their own, the Val’hir brought the night sky into corporeal form so that even the Asur and Asrai could not help but become entranced by their splendor. The magic of the Val’hir was strong and peaceful in those days. As night wardens and caretakers of the hidden, the lands were lush and exotic with fauna that the gods looked upon with great joy. It was said that the gentle feminine energy of the Val’hir brought a perfect balance to the masculine energy of the Asur, with the Asrai acting as the balancing scale between both. This was, in the texts of old, known as the Elven Trinity. But this balance would come to be broken, and the bloodline of the Val’hir forever changed during the time of the great calamity in the sky. As the Asur hastily moved with well meaning intention to protect all elf-kind from the onslaught, their protective barrier partially failed leaving the Val’hir exposed and isolated from the rest. Both the Asur and Asrai watched in horror as the first waves of darkness hit the lands and besieged the unprotected Val’hir. While they fought with a valor and ferocity worthy of timeless song, they were no match for the tireless assault raining from the skies. From behind the barrier the other elven kin screamed and wailed with sorrow and pain, unable to pass the barrier to aid their beloved Val’hir. As the corruption spread across the land, and dark crystals fell like fiery arrows from the sky, the Val’hir fell victim to evil’s influence and began to change. Lovely blue hued skin that shimmered, turned grey and lacked the luster that once was. Eyes that soothed as crystal ice changed to orbs of blood red and pale yellow, laced with hate and rage. When the cataclysm was done, and the fires and black smoke ebbed away, the barrier of the Elder Court of Asur dropped. Before them stood the remaining Val’hir, dark as the void, and deeply saturated with rage. The very shadows surrounded them and twisted and writhed. “TRAITORS” they would whisper with a harsh wintery tone as they gazed with hate at the Asur. The Elder Court of the Asur would try to speak, but darkness enveloped the remaining Val’hir and in the passing of a mere moment they were gone from view. Many fell to their knees and wept that day, for the Trinity was broken and the beauty of the Val’hir lost, a day known and still mourned by many elves as Dénië -o i dú, or Lament for the Night in the common tongue. They say time heals all things, but such was not so for the Val’hir. The long lived nature of elves changes how emotions and memories swirl inside one’s mind. The anger of betrayal still runs as freshly and strong as it did during the calamity. Leaving behind their old ways, the Val’hir proclaimed themselves the Nagarrothi and enemies of the Asur. For it was their vow to unseat the court of the sun for it’s betrayal and usher in a new rule over the elven kingdom. One that would not see the same mistakes made. Under cloak and shadow, the Dark Elves now move to upend the current rule and bring punishment for those who turned their backs on them! Passives The raw sting of betrayal is as fresh as it was during the great calamity in the sky. You bear a fierce hatred towards the High Elves for their crimes against your ancient roots as Val’hir. You would gladly kill any High Elf should the opportunity present itself. You are, however, not as aggressive towards the Asrai and still hold some small measure of affection for them, albeit a measure that is easily eclipsed by your hate of the High Elves. Should an Asrai stand in the way of your plans against the Asur, you would be inclined to handle them by any means necessary. The darkness rules over your life. At birth, Dark Elves are imprinted with a panther and granted a soul stone, for panthers are one of the hidden beasts tended to by the ancient Val’hir in the days of yore. As enemies of the realm, you are not welcomed in plain view and could easily be arrested or killed on site. Because of this, you must travel the lands outside your protected home under cloak and hood or risk being targeted. Appearance The once graceful and exotic beauty of the Val’hir has left you, yet you still carry a darkly seductive appearance. The light of the moon reflects off your ash to ebony toned skin as your hair wisps about like a white or grey burial shroud. Eyes pierce the darkness as red as blood or as the pale yellow moon. While you stand taller than the average Asrai and human, you are not nearly as tall as the Asur. Your body is smooth and curved in a sensual manner. While some males exist with the Nagarrothi, the line of Dark Elves is predominantly female and ruled as such. Males are slender and slightly effeminate and typically serve a female master or house head.
  6. MYTHIC: Vel'kor - Faction Lore / Passive Rules Vel'kor Lore Human Race The vel'kor a chaos driven clan of pure evil born and raised on the roaring seas with the sole purpose of the destruction of others a mindless breed of humans who follow only the strongest and most cunning of their clan. The Vel’Kor were never always a clan of utter chaos they once were a noble clan of humans who sought trade, adventure, power and knowledge there is not much information on how the Vel’kor turned into mindless slaves of chaos some say it was the great deep of the seven seas that turned their hearts cold and blue others say it was the invasion of the reapers that triggered their knowledge for the dark arts of chaos but what is for certain these once noble people are no longer of sound mind. Passive Rules They would be hostile towards any one and any other race How they should Look Very corrupted looking (almost looked like they have died but become for-saken) and eyes blacked like their souless they are.
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    Highland Hammer Clan - Faction Lore

    MYTHIC: Highland Hammer Clan - Faction Lore/ Passive Rules Highlands Hammer Clan: This Dwarven race In Highlands This dwarven race is a peaceful consider practicing Druidic and shamanism and daring acts of bravery. These Dwarves mean a lot to Dwarven Factions They mostly of a follow and that is why they also have the right to sit on the throne if they are proven to be a great leader within the circle of the other three clans! The Highland Hammer Clan may be peaceful but they are fearless warriors and unswerving opponents of purging the evil from the lands. Some say that the Highland hammer clan was the first clan made and was the first clan that was formed by the dwarfs. They are one of the major advisors in the Clan circles that the dwarfs forge in the city in the mountains. Passive rule Peaceful player, also love of nature and creatures and follow the law of mother nature Must How they should look Have an orangish/Bronze beard (Or hair) and have a light fair skin tone.
  8. Brookie

    The Asur (High Elves)

    MYTHIC: The Asur (High Elves) - Faction Lore/Passive Rules High Elf Lore The Asur, known as the High Elves in the common tongue, are the most ancient and powerful of their kind. Standing tall and graceful with platinum hair that emulates the very rays of the sun, their bloodline runs deep into the histories of the old world. Fiercely colored eyes carry the fire of sharp minds and brilliance above the other races. The very essence of magic courses through them as easily as one breathes the air around them. As the elder born of their kind, they sit undisputed on the throne of the elven kingdoms. Proud and prone to arrogance, they are at risk of indifference towards the plight of “lower races”, often times taking on an air of disinterest for those seeking reason or assistance. Despite this, there are still those within the High Elf court who bear a true heartfelt responsibility in guiding both those in their realm and the world at large. Before the great calamity befell the old world, the Asur foresaw the coming darkness and dire times ahead. Taking matters into their own hand without regard for their elven brethren, The Elder Court of the High Elves did everything within their power to ensure their kind would persevere against coming disaster with great success. However, some within the elven realms would see these moves as unwelcomed; arrogant and self serving measures to ensure their seat of power over the kingdom. Soon whispers from the shadows began to denounce the Elder Court of the High Elves. Talks of rebellion were spoken in hushed tones from shadowy corners. It soon became apparent that a campaign had begun against the Asur. The Nagarrothi, dark elves who felt the Elder Court of Asur had become too controlling and long ruled, had started to make their move to gain power! Now, with the fear of rebellion, the onslaught of the the undead, and the kingdoms of human and dwarf kind constantly looming with the threat of war, the Elder Court is stretched thin. Some fear that the days of the the sun’s grace are coming to a close. As shadow stretches across the realm and takes grip, many wonder if a new era of darkness will shake the very foundation of all civilization should the Asur fall. Passive Your High Elf heritage is naturally opposed to the darkness of the Nagarrothi and you act with extreme prejudice and hatred towards them or any sympathizers (to a lesser degree). Humans and dwarves are looked upon warily and with strong distrust, even if they have defected from their faction to join with the elves. The deep learning into magic has left High Elves powerful in the pool of mana and concentration, but their health suffers and they are naturally less hearty than the other races. Appearance Just about all high elves will bear the touch of the sun, that is to say that their hair will be platinum or white with fair skin that almost softly glows. Some small number of High Elves will have dirty blonde to light brown hair, and are known as the "Aphelion". Those that do are perceived to be of lesser stock. High Elves are graceful, slender, and tall. As is stands true of any elven race, the long lifespan of their kind make them taller than normal and even more so for High Elves and their ancient ties.
  9. Brookie

    The Asrai (Wood Elves) - Faction Lore

    MYTHIC: The Asrai (Wood Elves) - Faction Lore/Passive Rules Wood Elf Lore In the early days when men first encountered elves in the wilds, it was the Asrai whom they met. Adept rangers, druidic in nature, with nomadic tendencies, they were a mysterious and fascinating race often sang about in taverns. To the untrained eyes of men, they moved almost unseen and with such a swiftness that some thought of them as forest spirits. As mighty archers and masters over the beasts of the lands, the Wood Elves, as men had come to call them, long inspired bardic tales as helpful wardens of the wilds, or vengeful rangers seeking justice for crimes against nature. While most of the elven race bears a strong disdain towards outsiders, the balanced path of the Wood Elf has seen many of its kind ally with humans who share a similar love of wild things, and to a more precarious extent - the individual dwarf as well. Because of their unmatched love of nature and their belief in living in balance, the neutral minded Wood Elves take no direct interest in the greater elven realm or it’s politics, insteading choosing to break away with a strong sense of isolationism to serve nature. It is in this frame of thought that the Wood Elves contribute greatly to all races and factions as they believe that many pillars are required for true balance. As watchers and wardens they charge themselves with protection over this balance and can often be found allying with whomever is necessary to ensure this objective, but only to a certain extent. While they believe that the darkness is necessary as it is in the cycle of day and night, their natural inclination towards light and renewal puts them at ends against those that would align strongly with death and decay. For this reason alliances with the darker entities of the world are brief and viewed strictly in short term need. Those of the Asrai are extremely versatile, enjoying the flexibility of being skillful combatants or powerful druids with command over the elements and beasts. They are hearty and blessed with the All Mother’s gift of health, and their day-to-day life in the wild has sharpened their physical prowess well beyond the Asrai or Naggarothi. While beholden to neither, the Wood Elves tend to play the role of mediator between the High and Dark Elves during times of heightened tension, and generally only when it threatens the balance of nature or when some great threat looms to the destruction of them all. As children of nature, their first and foremost hatred is against the undead or any abomination of nature law for that matter. They show no quarter when facing enemies of this sort and so those who would mix with necromancy become immediate foes and hunted down, though a wiser Wood Elf may refrain from eliminating their target to determine if a larger evil is at work. Passives The call of the All Mother is deep within your heart. You desire to live in balance and therefore do not feel beholding to the political intrigue that has become the way of the elven realms. Instead you seek a life of isolationism, chosing to focus on the balance of nature and protection of the lands. Because of this, you will never wish to own a fortress, castle, or large manor. Your innate connection to life and renewal put you at ends against death and decay. While you do not seek to annihilate it, you are working to constantly keep it in check and view necromancy as a violation of this cycle that is punishable by death. You also will never allow yourself to tame undead because of this and might be prone to killing undead pets at the first chance you have. Because you choose a life of balance, the All Mother has blessed your spirit with great health and you may place as much emphasis as you wish in it, but in this blessing you forego your races deep ties to magic and therefor may only carry so much mana (150 max). As a true Asrai of balance, you are the only elven bloodline that is accepted and accepts the world of men, able to walk freely within their towns (save the capital) without it seeming far out of place. You also begrudgingly come to accept SOME dwarves...but only on a case-by-case basis and you look at them with strong suspicion and distrust. Appearance The beauty of the wilds is with you and you are revered for your untamed comeliness among humans for they too crave the wild aspects of life. With hair and eyes that emulate the very color of the seasons, your silken locks range from auburn, dark blonde, to an ash brown. Your eyes shimmer with either the green of spring, or capture the facination of men with a golden gleam that emulate embers of fire. Your skin is rich and olive in complexion, sometimes with your kin taking on a more pale tone as if the full moon colors you. You are not as tall as the other elven races, standing more at the height of an human, but you are strong, toned, and your proportions are near perfect.
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    Felsmith (Dark Dwarves) Faction Lore

    MYTHIC: Felsmith (Dark Dwarves) Faction Lore/Passive Rules MYTHIC Lore Concept: Felsmith “For when they drank from the black undeath which poured from the wraith lord’s twisted body, they learned wicked things and they wielded black fires from their hammers so that evil permeated their craft to bring forth horrific works! ~Historical Scrolls of Talos Origin of Felsmith Felsmith Lore In a time when dwarves first came to be, they were naught but sculpted figures of raw ore with fiery heart cores that pumped molten rock through their veins. As beloved creations of the gods, they bent and willed metal to such wondrous effect that all within the pantheon delighted in adorning themselves with their marvels. The All-Mother, seeking to give them the freedom to imagine on their own and loving them so, breathed both life and the Song of Making into the first dwarves. From ashen shells stepped forth hearty flesh and blood. Stout beings with wiry hair, hardened skin, and fiery spirits befitting of their earthen origin. They were innocent in those days, pure in their purpose and deeply in tune with the All Mother’s Song of Making that endlessly coursed through their spirit and gave them mastery over their craft. Yet innocence rarely finds true sanctuary in this world, and from the shadows the Abyss watched with great envy, plotting to twist that which the light had created. When the All-Mother departed from the dwarves sometime after her work had been done, her dwarven children continued in their tireless endeavor to create wondrous items to bejewel the world with. It was in this time that the darkness seized its opportunity and twisted light and shadow to come forth in the form of an ashen angel with eyes blazing as bright as the forges which lit their halls. With deceptive tongue and shadowy intent, it spoke to them and revealed that an even greater path was to be known; black fire of the cosmos to which they might create items so unimaginable they would honor the gods and assure their place as the All Mothers favored. For some, eyes filled with heavy lust for such knowledge. For others, they warily stepped back and refused to listen as such things would have surely been given to them by the All Mother if it were to be. Pleased that some of her children had clearly embraced its suggestion, the ashen angel burst into black smoke and unholy fires that swirled wildly about the halls until a powerful wraith lord hovered before them. The corrupted children of the All Mother were not swayed to fear, for in the moment of revelation it had outstretched its hand to produce a black fire that danced tantalizingly from it’s withered pale palm. A cold and painful whisper filled the halls so that all dwarves except those enthralled by the black fire were paralyzed with fear and pain. It promised them the power of the black fire if they would drink from the very Abyss itself. There was naught to be done by those who remained within the light of the All Mother as their brethren stepped toward the wraith lord. Raising blade in hand, the wraith lord sliced it’s unholy flesh and produced forth a fountain of the blackest blood that spackled and spattered the ground with sickening effect. One by one the enthralled drank from the wound, their eyes instantly filling solid black as the void coursed through their veins and greyed their skin, snuffing out the light of the All Mother within but preserving the Song of Making. They twisted and snarled, and their bodies writhed in pain as the sway of the Abyss took over. When it was said and done, they stood no longer as one of the All Mother’s children, but as Felsmith. Black fire erupted from their hands as they took their mighty hammers and began to forge creations of pure evil to the cackling delight of the wraith lord. The Song of Making had changed within them and echoed in the halls as a hellish chorus. Rage instantly overtook the remaining dwarves of the All Mother, their true fiery spirit igniting to resist the suppression of the wraith lords whisper. Breaking free with mighty roars they took to arms and charged against the wraith lord only to be met with the opposing hammers of the Felsmith! The battle that ensued shook the mountain kingdom for days with the All Mother’s loyal children driving out those that had turned away from her. They delivered a crushing defeat to the wraith lord, but it was the corrupter who would have the last laugh before fleeing; the Felsmith had come to be and it’s desire to twist and warp the All Mother’s creation of light had been achieved. Passives You are hated by the loyal children of the All Mother, whom you willingly turned against to gain forbidden knowledge. Because of this you stand a good chance of being attacked and killed upon discovery. Your dwarven heritage affords you a hammer at birth, for what is a dwarven smith without a hammer? Fading of the Song of Making: Your turn from the All Mother has corrupted your Song of Making and it now chimes and howls as a hellish chorus when you create, yet this power leaves you if too much time passes (approximately a month). The fire that once was within you is no longer there to fuel it and you must steal another’s fire to recharge the strength of the unholy chorus so you may continue to craft. This can only be done by consuming another dwarf’s flesh in the horrific act of cannibalism. (Consuming other races does not achieve this) Appearance Your skin appears as grey as the ashen angel, your hair ranges from black soot to grey and withered as the dead trees of Bramblewood Pass. Your are wide, muscular, and filled so deeply with the Abyss that your eyes take on such colors as black to purple.
  11. MYTHICProemohr - (Goblin Side) Lore/Passive Rules / Also note that MYTHIC will be turning these race(s) into a mod. You as our members are the first one to know about this exclusive from us directly! More will be shown more about the mod and the progression of it on the patron and as well within our forums! “It was not enough to just set eyes upon the luster of gold and gem. They were enthralled with things that sparkled and moved as dancing stars. Greed had consumed them so they yearned for nothing more than to hoard treasures in vast amounts. They twisted with deep envy towards those who had what they did not, and their skin tinted green, their ears elongated, with fingers that wiggled with a dangerous ambition. Thus the first goblins came to be.” Locke held, Bard of Blackwater -Tale of the Envious Goblin Lore Whether the Tale of the Envious rings true or not, what is surely known is that goblins have a nearly unmatched ambition for treasure and shiny things. It is not uncommonly heard that some unsuspecting traveler catch a little green fist across the face only to wake up stark naked and relieved of their personal possessions! It is told that they first came to be known when the elven ambassador, Lurien Ala’stindar, was traveling back home from the human kingdom with an escort of guards. As they came about a bend in the road they happened upon a small goblin. Dismounting from his horse to approach this tiny green elf-like creature, Lurien opened his arms in a welcoming manner and with the usual silvery embellishments, he would bid greeting. Before any could react, tiny knuckles met squarely the nose of Lurien, sending him back on his arse. The goblin, which now stood to hold a precious Mithril necklace Lurien had been wearing, took one look at the guards before turning to make haste for the thick bramble, successfully evading his pursuers never to be seen again. Since that time wild goblins have remained a problem for every kingdom. Bold, brash, and daring are these crafty highwaymen who draw much ire and invoke some of the most colorful languages ever heard. While such ire would seem to be well justified for the wild banditry of goblins, not all run feral and undisciplined in these times. An awakening within the last 200 years has proven the goblins to be more organized and cunning than any had imagined. Under the rule of a queen whom they call Nyzl, many goblins would place great focus towards crafts and engineering trades for the exchange of compensation to satiate their hunger for wealth. The goblins had learned the ways of the merchant and they were operating with a shrewd and calculating efficiency that even made the dwarves raise an eyebrow. Queen Nyzl had done well in her search to increase wealth, and in that search, she had learned that while larceny was grand, to exploit the markets of all kingdoms was where true wealth and power resided. For in her eyes, the mighty coin swayed the decisions of kingdoms for better or worse! Time would take it holds over the queen though, and her power and influence decline with each passing season. Age has begun to take its toll and those of her kind have begun to look towards her youthful and stronger daughter, Fyzl, as the next queen. Yet greed, as it so deeply courses through goblin-kind, would not see Nyzl relinquish control of the young goblin kingdom so easily. In a fit of rage at the notion that her daughter would dare challenge her place of wealth and power, she cast Fyzl from the kingdom and deemed her enemy to all goblin under her rule. Exiled and without the resources of her mother, Fyzl now endeavors to raise the support of her kind as the Exiled Princess. It is her self-proclaimed destiny to usurp her aging mother before it’s too late and the goblin kingdom is shattered back to its early mindless roots. Passives Goblinism runs in your blood and you can’t help but become enamoured with shiny things. This can either lead you to commit acts of larceny to acquire said items or be easily swayed to do the biddings of others for those who are cunning enough. However, higher level goblins will have a better time resisting being swayed as they are more loyal to the teachings of Nyzl. Untrusted by all, your roots and innate nature as a thief make you hard to trust. While people desire your wares and services, you are looked upon with heavy distrust and often times the target of random hostility. Join the club!! While you are not above bloodshed, you find that a good think on the head is good enough to get what you need. You are born into the world with a stone club in hand. A kingdom divided. You are no longer friendly with your goblin kin who run wild in the lands. They would just as assume take your things as any other foolish race. Waning belief. You are a new kingdom in the grand scheme of things, your belief in Queen Nyzl's teachings are embraced by you so long as you have the guidance of her or her daughter Fyzl in regular doses. Those who find themselves outside of their influence too long will start to revert back to the mindless and one-tracked mind of robbing adventurers for anything and everything. Appearance Your skin hues green with envy and greed and your desire to be wealthy and have everything belong to you runs unnaturally strong. Your hair and eyes tend to run a wide gamut of colors, a sign of your chaotic nature and wild roots. You are short in stature, the greedy ambition within stifling your growth and making it easy to conceal yourself in wild grass and bushes, perfect for ambushing adventurers.
  12. Brookie

    Valuxal - Human Faction/Race

    MYTHIC: Valuxal (Half Demon - Human Faction) Lore/Passive rules MYTHIC Lore Concept: Valuxal (Half demon) / Also note that MYTHIC will be turning these race(s) into a mod. You as our members are the first once to know about this exclusive from us directly! More will be shown more about the mod and the progression of it on patron and as well within our forums! Valuxal Lore “She backed away from them slowly, her slender fingers outstretched with long razor sharp nails ready to rend the flesh of any who dared assail her. As the mob clamored with anger, pitchforks and torches raised high, her eyes began to flicker with embers of the fire. They slowed their advance upon the half-demon spawn as shadows poured over her face so that only two small orbs of orange rage peered out towards them. An aura of darkness deadened the color all around so that all looked naught but of ash, and the air rumbled sickeningly so as if the very Abyss was rising up to swallow all.” ~Yuros the Scholar describing a half-demon female. Demons have long roamed the plane of this existence before many of the elder races appeared. Ancient and terrifying, they are the servants of darkness and chaos whispering deception into the ears of nobility and peasants alike; spreading corruption and taking great pleasure in leading the beloved creations of the gods astray. Such corruption of times will take the form of an offspring, or Valuxal as they would come to be called in the old tongue, the product of an unholy union of which a child of the damned is born into the world with stark unmistakeable features and abilities inherited from their Abyssal bloodline. Many view them as blights upon the realm who are omens of plague and death. The Commonwealth, in their lesser education, would sooner see them slain on sight than suffer the risk of such a creature bringing strife to their lands. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see mobs forming in the night and laying siege to a Valuxal who happened to make their home nearby. Those of higher education or worldly wisdom have come to know them differently; a complex being with extraordinary ability who are at constant battle with the Abyssal urges within. For some Valuxal, this struggle becomes easier with only the most extreme of circumstances drawing out the terrifying destructive potential within. Many live peacefully among the general population undetected under the guise of magical glamour. They are admired by neighbors for their deep affinity to magicka and mysteries that oft times serves to the benefit of the community. For those who choose this life of masquerading, they are known as Illydra’s Hidden, a secret society of demon kin striving to find a peaceful place in this world. For those who cannot deny their darker heritage and it’s call to corruption, they are terrifying forces to be reckoned with. Powerful dark sorcerers, or warriors of unnatural strength that wreak havoc upon the lands, taking on soldiers and champions alike with the backing of the Abyss to great effect. It is these Valuxal that drive the campaign of fear into all and reinforce the prejudice and hatred against any who would claim demon blood within. Many adventurers, save those of strict religious creed, have come to see them as an essential part of an expedition into the darkest places of the world, for a Valuxal brings many things to a party that would turn the tide of misfortune in their favor. Be it awe-inspiring arcane power that sends most enemies reeling back, or deep knowledge of hidden things that have the potential to pull the group out of the most precarious of situations, Valuxal is a sought-after asset for the more dangerous tasks. Yet the Valuxal’s contribution to an adventuring party is a niche one. Along with the usual discriminating mindset of the commonwealth, Valuxal will more than likely find themselves the target of religious zealots or crusaders who see any Abyssal heritage as something to be purged from the realm. For this reason, it is rare indeed to see a cleric or holy warrior suffer any manner of time in the company of a Valuxal without weapons being drawn against them. With the increasingly deadly attacks upon the realm by Dark Fallen, Valuxal have begun to see a rise in hostility towards them again as they are viewed as potential agents of darkness. In these uncertain times, even those who have befriended them as adventuring companions find themselves struggling with trust for their demon-kin ally, wondering if the call of the Abyss has won over their better nature. Passives Cursed Existence: Your dark bloodline leaves you at war within yourself, you of times struggle against the urge to do the dark’s bidding. Whispers from the Abyss can plague you at the most inopportune times and those who do not understand this would perceive you as crazy as you argue with things that are simply not there to them. Many an ally of yours has been left to fend for themselves in battle as the darkness tears at your mind to try to turn you at your most vulnerable. Illydra’s Hidden: You are among the few Valuxal who have mastered the ability to control the dark urges you suffer from, but that still does not detract from the extreme prejudices you face in daily life. To remedy this, you use your magical affinity to live under the guise of glamour and take the form of pleasing and cummly beings. However, this fragile illusion prevents you from using dark magic in open public without fear of breaking the spell, this includes the drain spell. The power of this glamour is not for all, and only those who are of magical attunement may use it which leaves those of warrior like abilities without the means to cast it. Aura of Darkness: You can invoke an Aura of Darkness about you at will which will cause your intended target great fear if they are young (level 30 and below) or severely challenge the willpower of the more adept (level 31 and above). Such effect, for example, would cause an assailant to withdraw an attack and disrupt their battle will, or drive someone to make a poor decision and be vulnerable to suggestion based on invoked anxiety and tension caused by the Aura. However, the aura drains the Valuxal greatly and may only be used once per day. Appearance There is no mistaking your heritage without the aid of a glamour. Those who come from demon blood bear horns akin to their parents that range from large and twisting, to small and straight. The skin tone of a Valuxal varies in opacity with shades of grey and red depending on the demon type they come from, some nearing human type colors if not a little pinker than usual. Wings and tails are not uncommon among Valuxal, though not always present whether by nature of birth or by choice of glamour to prevent immediate detection. Their physique is almost always pleasing, amidst more terrifying features, with perfect proportions and muscle tone. This is especially true of Illydra’s Hidden who appear as extremely attractive and desirable. The eyes of the Valuxal are often described as either intensely red or something akin to amber, and when excited can glow with a fiery illumination as if their very core is connected with infernos of the underworld.
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  14. GENERAL COMMUNITY RULES 1 – Be respectful of others in the community; personal insults or verbal attacks outside of role-play (RP) are strictly prohibited! 2 – You must stay in character at all times on Mythic’s Dark n Light Server. This means no going out of character (OOC do // in global chat) on the radio/in-game chats, as well. Message people on Steam, Discord, or other methods if you need to, but keep it all in character (IC) when playing on the server 3 – Your first action in any disagreement should always be to try to RP it out. If that doesn’t work and you have a problem with another player, handle it privately, rather than having an open argument on the radio/in chat in the game or in a public forum like Discord. 4 – If you need to contact an admin for assistance, please do so using the Mythic Discord Channel. In-game chat is strictly for roleplaying purposes. 5 – CHARACTER NAMES: You may not use special characters in your name unless they are part of your name. (For instance, you are a robot, and your name is “R2-D2.” If you’re a human, don’t name yourself “~*Janet*~”) Admins will change your name if you do not comply with the guidelines. 6 – Do not glitch any elements of the games or use exploits. 7 – If an admin contacts you to discuss a timeout, the ban will not be lifted (regardless of its initial duration) until you have spoken to the admin. 8 – Any player caught harassing or bullying another player on the server, or outside of the server but in relation to their presence on the server, will be permanently removed and barred from the current and any future whitelists. If the admin team bans you from the Dark and Light Server, you will also be banned from all other current and future Mythic Servers. You can always appeal bans via our forums. METAGAMING Metagaming is the use of out of character (OOC) knowledge someone would have no in character (IC) knowledge of. Stream sniping occurs when you have a player’s stream open and use the information you see there (whether to find, harass, spy on them, or otherwise interact). 14 – Stream sniping/stalking and metagaming IS NOT TOLERATED. Do not act on information obtained through any means other than direct RP: You must keep the information you have learned via watching streams and reading discussions separate from your character’s knowledge. COMMUNICATION 15 – External communication may not be used unless you are farming or hanging out in your base with your friends/house members. The moment you begin active RP with others, you MUST mute or close your external VOIP connection. The one exception to this is the Mythic Discord DNL Roleplay Room. PVP Raiding is considered a one-time battle in which structures are actively compromised. Warfare is considered ongoing raids/battles between two or more houses. Warfare must be declared, and may only last for one week. 16 – New Life Rules: These rules only apply when a player is killed by another player outside of raiding or warfare If you’re killed by another player, you may not retaliate against your killer. If you are killed during a raid or war, you may get right back into battle Members of the killed player’s house, however, if they’re online to see the notification that a house member has died, may retaliate against the killer. If another member of your house is not online at the time of death but are informed in-game after the fact by a house member who was active at the time, they also may retaliate. PLEASE NOTE: If you die and there's no notification about your killer, then it must be assumed that your death was a 'freak accident,' and no retaliation whatsoever can occur-- even if another house member is on at the time. 17 – DO NOT log out in the middle of combat, i.e. combat logging. 18 – Dropping or kiting wild creatures onto player bases or dinosaurs is not allowed. 19 – During an assault on a settlement, compound, or any other form of “base,” you are allowed to: make only one new entrance (which is also your exit). destroy only so much that is needed to plunder. You may not drop stolen goods on the floor to despawn; this is considered griefing. You are not allowed to destroy the entire base or cause massive destruction to it. 20 – Offline Raiding: There is no offline raiding. You must make sure the members of the House are online, and able to defend their base, in order to raid them. You cannot snipe people by waiting for them to log off. Be aware that continuous raiding could lead to harassment. Be respectful of your fellow player and the time they put into the game. Role-play should always be a priority. 21 – Do not kill sleepers immediately after restarts; allow them at the very least five minutes to log in before resuming combat. (This only applies to restarts! You ARE allowed to kill sleepers during raids!) 22 – You may fight over drops, land grab scenarios, or tames in a role-playing manner. For example: If you arrive at a drop and someone is there, you can choose to challenge them on the drop. You must role-play the situation and make sure the other side understands that if you both fight over it someone may die. You may fight over land, but you must RP the challenge. 23 – You are permitted to kill another player’s creatures ONLY under the occurrence of RP in which the owner is actively involved, or in self-defense. You are NEVER to kill another player’s creatures for other reasons, especially if they’re in a base or otherwise private or protected area and set to passive. If you store things on passive dinosaurs, they are still subject to being tranqed out and the items being stolen. Taking part in a battle or RP-PVP and parking your dinosaur slightly away from where the fight takes place does not mean that dinosaur is safe. You still rode it or used it to get to the battle’s location. There is still a possibility that it could be killed, passive or 24 – You cannot murder someone unless they have threatened your life or have not complied with your reasonable demands. 25 – You cannot assault people without proper vocal role-play initiation that stems from you or your group in all situations. Initiated role-play lasts for roughly 15 minutes before you must re-initiate. 26 – If you were not directly involved in the original RP situation (can’t hear the shots), and if you are not a part of the group (via radio/chat, text, or other direct communication previous to the scenario), you may not initiate in that RP scenario. 27 – If your character becomes knocked out or unconscious for any reason, you need to roleplay this. If you are unconscious, you are not going to be able to speak coherently, and using the radio/chat is not practical. 28 – Declaring war with other houses/groups is allowed as long as it is clear who the involved parties are. You are not allowed to forcefully drag bystanders into your conflict. Those who were not included in the RP which set the premise for the war are considered bystanders. If you would like to spectate a fight, you must understand that combatants are in a tense situation and cannot always tell who is a spectator and who is an enemy. Just like parking your dinosaur near the battle does not assure its safety, your presence at a battlefield puts you at risk. 29 – ALT CHARACTERS: If you have a second character, your characters must have completely separate lives in different houses. You may not have both characters logged into the server at the same time; this gives you an unfair advantage and takes up a player slot during busy times. COMMUNITY BUILDINGS Community buildings are structures built for community RP, like schools, libraries, restaurants, saunas, etc. These buildings MAY NOT be used for a home; items, valuables, and dinosaurs should be stored elsewhere. ALL doors and chests must be unlocked to prevent raiding – if you leave locked storage in your structure, you should expect that it will get broken into. Do not leave anything in your structure you would be sad to lose. Community buildings MUST have a yellow front door to be considered an RP structure. Your community building must be accessible by the community 24/7; you cannot claim a community building exemption for a structure in your base. 30 – You may not raid a community building! 31 – If you are found abusing the system by creating a communal building as a front for something else, or by hiding a person or their belongings inside, the building is subject to demolition under an admin’s discretion. 32 – RP-PVP IS ALLOWED inside these buildings, as long as it does not damage the building. No explosives! BASE BUILDING & DEFENSE Every single item placed on the server contributes to lag. To keep the server running smoothly, please be aware of how much you are placing and building – a little can go a long way! 33 – FOUNDATIONS: Empty foundations (whether spammed in an area, single foundations placed randomly, or several foundations together with no progress made on the build) will be removed by admins after a grace period of 10 days. New Rule added 10/19/2018: No Building on Roads, Players will be informed by admins (MYTHIC Community Staff) to edit their building. after 4 days of being informed by an admin (If your MIA Please read below) 34 - If you do not follow the admin will remove your base. If you are missing for a long period of time (4 weeks) staff will inform you on discord (So please make sure you in our discord) If you are informed after that we will keep an open redeem for you to get your building back. (Please note this offer does expire so if you're gone longer then a month it will expire) 35 - Player bases on Roads, you may be able to build tunnels as long people can walk on the path due to roleplaying events. 36 - IF Members see a building on roads please inform an admin and location and provide screenshots. Factions Faction/Races - Have their own passive rules but must follow general and rules listed in this thread. 37 – FACTION SPECIFIC - RULE: TERRITORY: You should consider the borders on the provided map set in stone. Unless an admin specifically announces there’s a border change, do not attempt to claim land in another faction’s territory.
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