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The Nagarrothi (Dark Elves) - Faction Lore

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MYTHIC: The Nagarrothi (Dark Elves) - Faction Lore/Passive Rules
Dark Elf Lore
In an age long passed, when the great world in the sky was whole and flush with life, the Moon Elves, called Val’hir, prospered within the balance of the Elven Trinity. For they brought with them the wonders of the evening sky and the deep magic entwined within the stars beyond. The veil of night was not fraught with terror in those days, but cradled in the gentle light of the moon goddess. While other elf-kind rested into the embrace of night, the Val’hir walked among the woods and tended to the blooms and beasts of the evening court.

To have seen a Val’hir in those days was to set eyes upon a dark beauty that tantalized the senses and filled heart’s desire. For while the other elven races boasted a beauty of their own, the Val’hir brought the night sky into corporeal form so that even the Asur and Asrai could not help but become entranced by their splendor. 

The magic of the Val’hir was strong and peaceful in those days. As night wardens and caretakers of the hidden, the lands were lush and exotic with fauna that the gods looked upon with great joy. It was said that the gentle feminine energy of the Val’hir brought a perfect balance to the masculine energy of the Asur, with the Asrai acting as the balancing scale between both. This was, in the texts of old, known as the Elven Trinity.

But this balance would come to be broken, and the bloodline of the Val’hir forever changed during the time of the great calamity in the sky. As the Asur hastily moved with well meaning intention to protect all elf-kind from the onslaught, their protective barrier partially failed leaving the Val’hir exposed and isolated from the rest. Both the Asur and Asrai watched in horror as the first waves of darkness hit the lands and besieged the unprotected Val’hir. While they fought with a valor and ferocity worthy of timeless song, they were no match for the tireless assault raining from the skies. From behind the barrier the other elven kin screamed and wailed with sorrow and pain, unable to pass the barrier to aid their beloved Val’hir. 

As the corruption spread across the land, and dark crystals fell like fiery arrows from the sky, the Val’hir fell victim to evil’s influence and began to change. Lovely blue hued skin that shimmered, turned grey and lacked the luster that once was. Eyes that soothed as crystal ice changed to orbs of blood red and pale yellow, laced with hate and rage. When the cataclysm was done, and the fires and black smoke ebbed away, the barrier of the Elder Court of Asur dropped. Before them stood the remaining Val’hir, dark as the void, and deeply saturated with rage. The very shadows surrounded them and twisted and writhed. “TRAITORS” they would whisper with a harsh wintery tone as they gazed with hate at the Asur. The Elder Court of the Asur would try to speak, but darkness enveloped the remaining Val’hir and in the passing of a mere moment they were gone from view. Many fell to their knees and wept that day, for the Trinity was broken and the beauty of the Val’hir lost, a day known and still mourned by many elves as Dénië -o i dú, or Lament for the Night in the common tongue.

They say time heals all things, but such was not so for the Val’hir. The long lived nature of elves changes how emotions and memories swirl inside one’s mind. The anger of betrayal still runs as freshly and strong as it did during the calamity. Leaving behind their old ways, the Val’hir proclaimed themselves the Nagarrothi and enemies of the Asur. For it was their vow to unseat the court of the sun for it’s betrayal and usher in a new rule over the elven kingdom. One that would not see the same mistakes made. Under cloak and shadow, the Dark Elves now move to upend the current rule and bring punishment for those who turned their backs on them!
The raw sting of betrayal is as fresh as it was during the great calamity in the sky. You bear a fierce hatred towards the High Elves for their crimes against your ancient roots as Val’hir. You would gladly kill any High Elf should the opportunity present itself. You are, however, not as aggressive towards the Asrai and still hold some small measure of affection for them, albeit a measure that is easily eclipsed by your hate of the High Elves. Should an Asrai stand in the way of your plans against the Asur, you would be inclined to handle them by any means necessary.

The darkness rules over your life. At birth, Dark Elves are imprinted with a panther and granted a soul stone, for panthers are one of the hidden beasts tended to by the ancient Val’hir in the days of yore. 

As enemies of the realm, you are not welcomed in plain view and could easily be arrested or killed on site. Because of this, you must travel the lands outside your protected home under cloak and hood or risk being targeted.
The once graceful and exotic beauty of the Val’hir has left you, yet you still carry a darkly seductive appearance. The light of the moon reflects off your ash to ebony toned skin as your hair wisps about like a white or grey burial shroud. Eyes pierce the darkness as red as blood or as the pale yellow moon. While you stand taller than the average Asrai and human, you are not nearly as tall as the Asur. Your body is smooth and curved in a sensual manner. While some males exist with the Nagarrothi, the line of Dark Elves is predominantly female and ruled as such. Males are slender and slightly effeminate and typically serve a female master or house head.

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