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MYTHIC: Battle of The Gladiators - For Honor Tournament

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FOR HONOR Come one and all to a battle between those that strike fear into the hearts of men and make kings kneel before them, also known as Battle of the Gladiators which will be hosted by MYTHIC. The tournament that will be held will be showing 2v2s and 1v1s just to give some variety to the viewers. For those that are daring and brave enough to enter, you can enter through MYTHIC’s discord through the '#forhonor' chat in the discord (link to the discord will be at the bottom). The prize pool is currently being determined but the guaranteed prize is a $50 Steam gift card; the team that wins in the brawls tournament will EACH receive a $50 Steam gift card. The exact date has not been set in stone yet but we are projecting to it sometime this month, October. There is no entrance fee and no payments necessary to compete so take your shot in MYTHIC’s Battle of the Gladiators tournament.

General Rules This tournament will be PC exclusive. We are planning to host for a console exclusive tournament in the future so stay tuned This is a professional tournament meaning, no toxicity. We encourage good sportsmanship and conduct so please refrain bad mouthing or emote spamming other contestants The tournament will be using a bracket system in which contestants will randomly be placed against each other The tournament will hold constellation matches for those who have failed in combat and offer a chance at redemption but the ultimate winner of the tournament will be whoever wins the final match regardless of how many defeats or victories that individual or team possess A contestant can kill his opponent by any means necessary, therefore, if it's in the game its part of the fight; this can include environmental kills, spamming the same move, etc. All matches will consist of 3 matches, best of 5 so whoever takes the majority of the wins will take the win and carry on 1v1 Rules This category is very straightforward and simple; kill your opponent and climb the ladder Again, please refrain from any toxicity, for example, emote spamming or bad mouthing; this tournament will be held to a professional standard If it is part of the game it can be used thus meaning, when we say slay your opponent by any means necessary we mean by any means necessary e.x environmental kills, move to spam etc. Constellation matches will be held and the same rule applies; a contestant can redeem himself and the final winner is whoever kills who regardless of win or loss count Winner earns the guaranteed $50 Steam gift card and potentially more A contestant that loses two games in a row will be dropped from the tournament

2v2 Rules Also, this category is very straightforward boasting similar rules Again, please refrain from any toxicity e.x emote spamming and bad mouthing Constellation matches will be held and the same rule applies; a team can redeem themselves and the final winning team is determined by whoever kills the other first A team that loses twice in a row will be dropped from the tournament

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